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erikcstone On Softonic since September 2010

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"Great MIDI Player"

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I've been using Wingroove for years now and still find it a great little program. It uses little memory and can run with other midi players too. It provides hi quality sounds of instruments which are better than the standard midi players provide. You can change the pitch and tempo of a song. You can change instruments on the fly and add re-verb. You can drag and drop a file onto the program or select a list of songs for a playlist. It very user friendly. I highly recommend this program. Although it's not an MP3 player they do play on it anyway.

  • Great sound reproduction. Uses little memory. Easy to use. Change instruments on the fly. Drag and drop files to play. Interfaces with other players.
  • Can't think of any.

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09 Sep 2010

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  1. Still one of the best music players